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Still Combining
exhibition of 15 collapsible furniture
The English word “combine” refers to the possibilities of variation inspired by the original Combines system, as much as to the connections between natural and synthetic materials.
The Domus seats were inspired by the theme of the 2017 Asko Foundation “Home Revisited” design competition, which was to explore what ‘home’ might mean in the future.
The design of the Square rack developed very organically as a result of three decades of playing and coaching tennis.
stool, dining table, bench & side table
The Combines series represents a new structural and visual form language in our designs. The intention was to create flat-pack furniture that could be assembled and disassembled entirely without traditional screws.
easy chair
AT1´s basic structure consists of a cylinder-shaped foam mattress that is mounted onto an oval-shaped metal frame. The chair’s exceptional softness and pliable ergonomics are achieved by folding the mattress into the shape of a seat.
Vatna is a statement of free organic form, craftmanship and haptics.
pendant lamp
Moon is an atmospheric pendant lamp. The basic shape of the lamp is mouth blown in a mold, and the “neck” is hand streched into its final shape.
side chair
Another chair is based on the observation that people have a habit of sitting in a sideways position. I wanted to design a chair that would address and support this tendency.
Tail Sofa is originally designed for D&Ad Student Awards 2008. The brief was set by Vitra: “Design a sofa inspired by the new Vitra Edition collection that is unencumbered by commercial constraints and pushes the boundaries of innovative furniture design.”