AT1, easy chair

Delivery time: 8-12 weeks (made to order)


The concept of the AT1 armchair is loosely inspired by Emmanuel Boos’s ceramic Levre Tombante dish. The structure of the chair is based on the classical idea of folding a ribbon into the shape of a seat. However, unlike European pieces in the 1960s that explored this same idea, the final shape of the AT1 is achieved by handcrafted free-form manufacturing methods. Its basic structure consists of a cylinder-shaped foam mattress that is mounted onto an oval-shaped metal frame. The chair’s exceptional softness and pliable ergonomics are achieved by folding the mattress into the shape of a seat. The first prototype of the AT1 was constructed as a thesis work for the Lahti Institute of Design already in 2011. Since then, the chair has undergone several stages of product development and been repeatedly refined, finally reaching its current form.

Designed & made in Finland


Surface Textile
Cushion Flock, foam
Base Powder-coated steel, automatic return swivel
Structrure Powder-coated steel, birch plywood, seat belts


Height: 76 cm
Seating height: 44 cm
Width: 88 cm
Depth: 82 cm

Upholstery performance, care and characteristics